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Edge Of Insanity - Time [Official Music Video]
The Pure Music Factory

Edge Of Insanity - Time [Official Music Video]

Edge of Insanity is a metal band from Dallas, Texas with roots in doom metal and the New Wave of British Heavy Metal. Edge of Insanity has been described as as a modern take on classic bands like Judas Priest, Black Sabbath, Saxon, and Motorhead, among others, and their influences range across over 70 years of American and European rock and metal. Shows are posted regularly on Facebook - check out the page for upcoming dates across Texas! The Pure Music Factory Donate - If you would like to donate to my channel and the videos I make please hit the link above. Do you have a love for music? A passion? Welcome to The Pure Music Factory. Video Premieres every Monday and Friday at 10pm GMT!! Don’t forget to check out our new channel The Pure Music Factory Extras All the videos you see on this channel are fan made. We make music videos for the fans! We use stock footage and short films for our videos. Have a band or are you a solo artist wanting a video made for your track?? Visit our website to book yours now! Links below We have a large Marilyn Manson base on this channel so if you’re looking for music videos featuring his songs then you’ve come to the right place. This channel is purely for the love of what I do but if you would like to make a donation towards my work you can do so at the Donate link on my “About” section. Thank You. #metal #heavymetal #musicvideo #music #artist #new #premiere @Edge Of Insanity
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